Big Dog…Big Fence? ????

Pets deserve to roam free around their home without their owner’s worrying for their safety. How do you give a dog the freedom to roam, but keep them safe at the same time? With a fence of course! When having a fence installed on your property, it is important to take your pet’s into consideration to make sure you choose a fence that works for ALL family members????

Here’s what to consider when getting a new fence:


Is your dog a tan chihuahua or a white, spotty St. Bernard? Size is probably one of the biggest factors when determining the height and type of fence you want. You want a fence that your dog won’t be able to leap over and escape. For most bigger breeds, a 6-foot fence should be adequate for their safety. With size, comes strength, so make sure your fence is sturdy enough.


A tall fence can be a lifesaver (literally), but if there’s significant space between the fence posts, or large enough holes for your dog to wiggle through, it kind of defeats the fences’ purpose. Also consider that if a dog constantly sees what’s going on around him, he or she may be more inclined to escape, so a tight, non-see through fence may be your best option.


If a dog constantly sees squirrels and other animals frolicking outside the fence, they will be more inclined to find a way to escape. Having a dog-friendly space or backyard with toys and other activities can help keep your pet occupied and keep them from wandering off.

Always double check with your homeowners’ association to make sure the fence of your choice complies with the neighborhood regulations.

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