Maintaining Your Wooden Fence & Keeping Costs Low

Your home is probably one of the most significant investments that you will make in your lifetime. Alongside your home, you may make smaller investments, such as replacing your roof, adding a backyard deck, or having a new wooden fence installed.

Maintenance for your fence can depend on the age of your fence, materials used to build your fence and much more. The majority of residential fences are made of wooden material. Like any other investment, regular maintenance on your fence is crucial to increasing its lifespan and keeping it in tip-top shape.  Fences are exposed to all elements, including rain and wind, which can bring in moisture, allowing the panels to rot/warp, therefore decreasing its lifespan.

Don’t let negligence ruin your fence, which can also hurt your home’s curb appeal (which is crucial when selling your home). Keep your fence healthy with these tips:

  1. Minimize the amount of water your fence comes in contact with. You definitely can’t control the weather but be sure to aim sprinklers AWAY from your fence and avoid planting trees too close to the fence.
  2. Keep your yard regularly trimmed to prevent overgrowth of weeds and other plants to avoid green staining and other structural damage to your fence.
  3. Having your fence regularly stained every few years can help reduce weathering and give it a “seal” that will help prolong its lifespan.
  4. Maintain clean panels by pressure washing your fence, when needed.
  5. Termites are attracted to wood, regularly treat your fence to prevent termites from eating away at your fence.
  6. Stay on top of minor damages such as splits and cracks. (Keep wood glue on hand!) If you notice any minor damage, we are here to help!

Sometimes, a fence is beyond repair. No amount of staining or small repairs can bring that fence back to life. If you feel like your fence is beyond repair, it’s time for a new one!