Before you Have That Fence Built, Do These 5 Things

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How often do you talk to your neighbors? Do you discuss upcoming neighborhood events or the noisemakers across the street? What about the new fence you plan on having installed? You usually don’t discuss your home improvement plans with neighbors, unless they’re close friends, but if a new fence is involved, its time.

There are several steps to take before having a new neighboring fence installed. Keep your neighbors and city inspectors happy with these tips:

  1. Know the boundary lines like the back of your hand. If your fence is accidentally built on your neighbor’s property line, issues may begin to surface, because technically, the fence is theirs. A surveyor can help you prevent this disaster.
  2. Follow local regulations for your community. Certain neighborhoods allow certain fencing types, heights, etc. Be sure to check with your zoning office to ensure your fence complies.
  3. Let your neighbor know what’s going on. Don’t “surprise” them with a new fence, discuss your plans preemptively.
  4. Double check your Homeowners Association guidelines and process for fence installations. Make sure no lines are crossed…literally.
  5. Keep up with your fence maintenance.

Having a new fence installed can be smooth sailing, with these steps. Always consider your neighbor when starting home improvement projects that may affect them and their home.

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