The Best Good Neighbor Fence

A Good neighbor fence is a common type of fencing in neighborhoods. Good neighbor describes the style of a fence where the sections (usually about 8 feet) go back and forth on your side from pickets for a section to rails then back to pickets.

In the past, these types of fences required bulky metal posts or the use of extra pickets to cover posts. At RAM Fencing, we are proud to offer homeowners an exclusive good neighbor fence that prevents both of those scenarios!

By using PostMaster galvanized metal fence posts, everyone can now enjoy the durability of metal posts without having to see them! PostMaster’s in-line design can be easily covered or concealed with matching wood, retaining the aesthetics of a wood fence. It can be finished with both sides identical, which make for a true good neighbor fence.

In addition, these metal posts can withstand high winds and heavy rains and will never rot or warp. PostMaster gives an ordinary wood fence the strength of steel.

At RAM Fencing, we specialize in using PostMaster posts and can help you with a design that is right for you! Whether you need a fence repair or full replacement, our team is here to work with you and make the process as easy as possible. Contact us for a free quote and to learn more today!